Sunday, 27 February 2011

Monk Life, Font 8b+, Kyloe repeated by Nigel Callender...

Monk Life, Font 8b+, Kyloe from Nigel Callender on Vimeo.

MCofS Youth Climbing Series - Competition Preparation Coaching at Transition Extreme

Geek & Scott shying away from the hard routes! NOT!

Geek mentoring

Jamie on 7b+ comp training

Young Ben doing fall training on lead!

Malcolm on 7b+  comp training

Transition Extreme Aberdeen

Route demo

Fall training

Rhuiri Psyching the kids for fall training

The scene

Reach Climbing Coach was hosting the YCS 'pre competition training' in advance of this weekends North Scotland Round held at Inverness Climbing Wall at Inverness Leisure Center this coming weekend.

Neil and Mark from Reach Climbing Coach along side Ruairidh Mackenzie were running the event for the MC of S with focusing on a work shop for the young competitors with Ruairidh providing some real whippers with his dynamic belays for fall training which took most participants breath away but instilled the lead confidence for going full gas. Neil set the routes and ran the competitions whilst Mark delivered a short lecture on 'a competition mindset' for the 14 to 16 year olds.

All in all a hugely successful event kindly hosted by the Transition Extreme venue in Aberdeen.

Thanks to all who attended...

 Scottish Youth Climbing Series

Fun Climbing Competitions for Beginners and seasoned climbers

For Kids aged 7yrs - 16yrs
This year’s FUN climbing competitions for young people in Scotland starts on March 5th and are being held on Saturdays at the following venues:
Round 1 (5th March): 
NORTH SCOTLAND: Inverness Climbing Wall at Inverness Leisure Centre
SOUTH SCOTLAND: Stirling Peak Sports Centre

Round 2 (2nd April): 
NORTH SCOTLAND: The Ice Factor at Knlochleven
SOUTH SCOTLAND: The Pleasance Sports Centre at the University of Edinburgh

Round 3 (30th April):
NORTH SCOTLAND: Transition Extreme in Aberdeen
SOUTH SCOTLAND: Glasgow Climbing Centre

You can come along to your local competition just for a bit of fun, or you can attend all 3 in your region and  see how you fair against the other climbers. If you get a high score (in the top 3 in your category) you get into the Regional Team with a chance to compete at the British Final at Wolf Mountain in Wolverhamption on June 25th.
Full details are available HERE including the Rules, the Rough Guide and parents' information
Application Forms are avalable HERE

Reach Climbing Coach also offer 1:1 youth coaching for those looking to excel in their sport. Please contact  for availability & pricing.

Ratho Bouldering Competition.. A huge success!

Planning Stage

More planning... & Coffee

Geek testing white mantle hell!

Route Testing

Juniors in Comp

Adults Comp

2 of Reach's coaches were route setting for the comp (Neil McGeachy & Mark McGowan). With nearly 200 competitors at Ratho's fun bouldering competition, it was heralded a true success.


U13 Boys
1 William Bosi 195
2 = Robert Davidson 180
2 = Sam Harlend sendra 180
4 Rory Cargill 177
5 Jamie Pendan 175
6 Rory White 167
7 David Medzybrodzki 163
8 Harry stansfeild 157
9 Ruraidh Middleton 146
10 = Evan Davis 127
10 = Findlay Johnson 126
12 Euan Farmer 122
13 benFindlay 102
14 = Evan Rasmussen 89
14 = Guy Mathison 89
16 Declan Currie 87
U13 girls
1 Rebecca Kinghorn 180
2 Eilalh Vass Payne 177
3 = Emily Eadie 172
3 = Kirsten Grey 172
3 = Gabrialla Stewart 172
6 Keira Farmer 170
7 Morgan rodgers 165
8 Kirsten Taylor 164
9 Ellie Hogarth 156
10 Jodie Brown 154
11 Erili Geddes 107
12 Freya Baxter 99
13- 16 boys
1 scott Keir 200 (Winner in Finals Climb-Off)
2 Jamie Drummond 200
3 Steven Addison 197
4 Angus Davidson 186
5 Malcolm bradley 181
6 Scott donaldson 170
7 Ruaraidh Macaskill 163
8 Alex Bosi 150
9 andrew Hairsworth 93
10 Scott Govens 32
13-16 girls
1 Rachel Carr 197
2 Sophie Harper 147
3 Amy Anderson 146
4 Nikki Addison 145
5 Simla Green 139
6 Christie Macleod 107
7 Lyndsey Forsyth 106
8 Megan Saunders 79
9 Victoria Boyd 44
10 Hannah Dewar 30
Rec. Men
1 Alexei Matveyev 162
2 Gordon McKillop 161
3 John Sharples 147
4= Mike Lewis 145
4= Mitch Figures 145
6 Robbie Carruthers 140
7 David Carruthers 139
8 Grant Saunders 134
9 Colin Mcpherd 120
10 Ian Brown 108
11 Martin Wood 107
12 Lukas Solanka 99
13 Alex Scott 93
14 Mark Hammonds 83
15 Dave Brown 77
16 Tim Squires 70
17 David Wilson 55
18= Tom Jones 50
18= Sean Hiddleston 50
20 John Macleod 45
21 Paul Gowens 40
1 Nicola Bishop 135
2 Gail Robertson 54
3 Avril Gall 50
4 Dawn Thomson 47
5 Kim Picozzi 45
6 Emily Raemaekers 22
Adv. Men
1 Will Atkinson 197
2 Eddie Barbour 184
3 John Brown 170
4 Andrew Simpson 162
5 Alex Gorham 160
6 Dylan Mackenzie 157
7 Kris Devlin 149
8 Mike Rudden 147
9= Ross Henighen 137
9= Merlin Floate 137
11 Paul Williamson 134
12 James McCartan 121
13 Will Carroll 102
14 David Gudmundsson 101
15= Nick O’Grady 100
16 Paul Raeside 94
17 Fraser Gibson 87
18 Donald Slatter 60
Adv. Women
1 Natalie Berry 125
2 Anna Wells 114
3 Xiao Xian Goh 93
4 Lasma Seitinsone 92
5 Eva Sparreboom 72
Vet. Men
1 Ruairidh Mackenzie 149
2 Neil Shepherd 146
3 Peter Roy 144
4 Robert Durran 137
5 Kevin Gibson 114
6 Fraser Harle 100
7Dave Hainsworth 90
8 Ed Payne 52
9 Gregor Hannappel 50 
10 Sandy Carr 49

...well done ALL!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Coaching Ethos at Reach Climbing Coach...finding the inspiration

Allot of people perceive our systems and coaching ethos to be pretty hard core - in jest we talk of Reach/Fight Club, but the reality of our coaching ethos is about support when your down and inspiring you when you are up pushing forward in your personal drive to improve as a climber.

We have many great training systems and programs but ultimately the 1 to 1 contact is what makes things work.

This week has been an interesting learning curve for me at Reach with a few clients feeling the pain of a plateau and others pushing into new ground with short term achievements breaking their expectations. I was one of the climbers hitting a small wall in terms of short term targets not being met, but luckily my experience of 6a to 8a taught me not to fret and that it will break if I stay the course and remain focused on the strategic goal.

Performance Targets are there to serve one purpose: to motivate ...if they are wrong, then adjust them, because otherwise they are not serving their purpose.I met about 10% of my mid training targets/milestones yet succeeded on the project.

I would never have achieved my goal of 8a in such a short period, should I not have been truly inspired to change my life. The inspiration is what drives our motivation to improve, not some fickle sense of ego. We all have ego but truly inspired climbers achieve great things and take more from their climbing experiences than those that miss the gift of being inspired... 

So dig deep and look for it, because when you get a sense of it, you will know and feel better than you have before and move well across the rock like never before...


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Coaching at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen

Training for Power on Neil's 70 board
We firstly stopped off at Neil's  for a power session on his 70 board. Neil does 1:1/2 coaching sessions from his climbing gym near Arbroath  and has been coaching for over 10 years at the highest level. His new set up is awesome and the gym is expanding fast! - contact for details of availability and price for Neil's advanced rock gym sessions.

Morning run along the sea cliffs near Arbroath

In Aberdeen, we were coaching with The Granite Rock Team at Transition Extreme climbing and bouldering center. Where we had 5 sessions of youths ranging from 6 to 15 years. Great sessions all round fininshed off with a quick route set for the older boys to have a pop at some power slaps on the yellow V5 slopers of doom!

Yellow v5

Scott on sighting 7a+

Scott on 7b

Malcolm on 7a+
A trip back west to Kinloch Leven's Ice Factor on the way home saw for a nice bit of plyometrics on a wet day as well as meeting up with Kev Shields for a quick chat and seeing him tackling the steepest wall in the center... a truly inspiring individual...

Ice Factor

Kev topping out on the steep wall

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Glen Coe TRAD with Mark McGowan

We are taking bookings for day trips on the TRAD classics of Glen Coe with Mark McGowan in June 2011 for the following routes:

For cost and availability please contact

* A choice of alternate leads or seconding for the experience are both available based on previous experience.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Red Point Tactics

Took Phil through the Reach strategy for increasing red point performance via our method... Great day with tons of progress and much happiness.

First rule of Reach Club...We do NOT talk about Reach club!...

Phil psyched for a burn on Hamish Tedd's 7b+

Referrals from clients:

"...This training season I decided to get all the help I can to speed up my improvement. I needed guidance to work towards my goals in long term. I also needed more vision and opinions about my exercises and weak links. I am glad I can share my training with Mark..." (Ville Mustonen, Finland)

" I met Mark in Glen Nevis on his return to climbing to check out some lines he had in mind for me, I wasn't really training at this point but after a day or two talking and training with him I had a much more structured idea of what to do to improve and I did" (Kev Shields)